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Our Expertise

Transport Law

Bulumko CLAC has acted for and assisted various transport clients operating business in South Africa or from South Africa. We have also been acting for the government of South Africa in various spheres, especially in drafting of legislation, various documents and capacitation. We provide practical legal advice and assistance in amongst others, the following:

1.1 Drafting of legislation and policy at different spheres of government;

1.2 Review of policy and legislation;

1.3 Review of transport operations and processes for compliance with legislation;

1.4 Applications for operating licences and permits ;

1.5 Drafting of contracts and operating procedures;

1.6 Maritime law and practice;

1.7 Tendering;

1.8 Legal advice;

Commercial Law

Bulumko CLAC acts for and assists businesses of all sizes. Our work ranges from general commercial matters to more intricate specialised transactions.The areas of commercial law we undertake includes:

2.1 Commercial contracts ;

2.2 Partnership agreements and related matters;

2.3 Shares and shareholders matters;

2.4 Governance and compliance ;

2.5 Competition ;

2.6 Mergers and acquisitions;

2.7 Legal audits;

2.8 Development of policies;

2.9 Investigations;

2.10 Application for licences, permits and authorisations in regulated environments;

2.11 Legal advice

Information and Communications Technology Law

Our experience and expertise for this area of the law ranges from understanding various laws and standards to audits, compliance, applications for licenses and assisting with operational legal imperatives. Our experience is gained from representing businesses as well as assisting government including its implementing agents. We deal with telecommunications, broadcasting and computer law. Our experience includes:

3.1 Drafting and negotiation of contracts ;

3.2 Application for new licences, renewals and amendments;

3.3 Drafting of policy and legislation;

3.4 Application for type approvals;

3.5 Compliance with Invitations To Apply and licence conditions;

3.6 Legal audits;

3.7 Development of ICT policies;

3.8 Legal advice

Public Law

Our experience and expertise with public law is hard to match in South Africa. Our team has experience of dealing with public law from both government as well as from individual/business perspective. We have dealt with government in all three spheres and public entities in their different guises. Our services include:

4.1 Policy development and legislation drafting ;

4.2 Policy and legislation review

4.3 Procurement

4.4 Public finance laws ( PFMA & MFMA)

4.5 Education and Training ( Skills Development)

4.6 Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

4.7 Statutory compliance

4.8 Public institutions governance

4.9 Investigations

4.10 Training and capacitation

4.11 Development of internal policies and standard operating procedures

4.12 Legal advice

Social Development

We combine both legal and social services expertise to assist both government and private sector on matters of social development. Our target is the capacitation and compliance for properly accounting to those who have availed funding for social development. The challenge is not only experienced by the funders but mainly by the funded that end up unable to account for funds made available leading to the termination of funding to those who most need the assistance. Our approach is a multidisciplinary service that includes:

5.1 Charitable organisations

5.1.1 Organisational planning and development;

5.1.2 Business Plan Development (Fund Raising & Operational);

5.1.3 Staff capacitation

5.1.4 Report writing

5.1.5 Funding terms and conditions management and compliance

5.1.6 Beneficiary engagement

5.1.7 Organisational Monitoring on behalf of funders/donors

5.1.8 Compliance assessment on behalf of funders/donors

5.1.9 Legal compliance

5.2 Social impact assessments & studies

5.2.1 Policy

5.2.2 Legislation

5.2.3 Developments

5.2.4 Projects

5.2.5 Schemes

5.2.6 Operations

About Us

The Bulumko CLAC team combines relevant academic qualifications from mostly South African universities with experience and expertise developed over years of exposure to private companies and public institutions including government departments.

  • Our Good Team

    Our team is made mostly of attorneys of the High Court of South Africa with more than ten years post-admission.

  • Experience and expertise

    The experience and expertise in not only on advising but also on the processes that apply in South African courts, tribunals and other fora. Our clients include other professionals firms who we assist by providing specialist legal support. The scope of assistance traverses law, accounting and engineering firms due to the nature of our expertise and experience.

  • Specialities

    Our team specialises in various aspects of commercial and public law, actively competing with medium size to large firms by offering specialised services at lower fees.

  • Solutions

    With our well established network of associated professionals and specialist consultants, we provide solutions to many of your general and special business and legal challenges.

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Our Team


Rudolph Lungile Mabece (Managing Director)

Lungile is a graduate of the University of the Western Cape (B Proc, LLB.) and an attorney of the High Court of South Africa. He has been practising law for about 20 years. He advises government and private sector on a wide range of legal matters. Lungile has broad legal experience, especially commercial law. He is an expert in three areas of legal practice. Lungile is a transport law expert who has been involved in same since 1997 having advised and acted on behalf of transport operators for local and international transportation of goods and passengers. He has been involved in mainly advising government and drafting of policy and legislation since year 2000. He has been involved in many key milestones in the development of public transport in South Africa including the development of regulations under National Land Transport Transition Act, 2000, transport preparations for FIFA 2010 World Cup as well as the development of National Land Transport Master Plan. With regard to ICT law, he has been involved in legal audits of some of the large private and public institutions in South Africa. He has also advised government, government agencies and the regulator. He has represented a number of telecommunications and broadcasting applicants before the regulator for licences and other appearances. He has negotiated and drafted industry specific contracts in operationalizing licenced operators. He continues to be engaged in other related projects including development of internal ICT policies. Lungile has been involved in the development of licensing and governance framework for sector education and training authorities (SETAs) in South Africa. He not only assisted the government department but has also advised various SETAs on a wide range of legal matters including governance. He has also been involved in advising an Administrator of a SETA on the operations of a SETA for about 18 months. His experience with skills development traverses all aspects of the skills development environment in South Africa. He is a legislation draftsman of note, having been involved in drafting of legislation for at least 7 government departments and for across the borders of South Africa.

Lungile Llewellyn Oliphant

Mr Oliphant is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa for more than 18 years. He holds a BSc and LLB from the University of Cape Town. He is a specialist in Maritime law and practice. His other fields of expertise include, competition law, domestic and international contracts and legal compliance auditing, planning and management in corporate environments.

Zintle Ngogodo

She holds B.Iuris, LLB; DMP, DILP and she is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public of the High Court of South Africa. She is also a Liquidator/ Trustee appointed by the Master of High Court, Western Cape and South Gauteng. Her experience covers general litigation, commercial law, property and labour matters where she has been the initiator, chairperson and legal representative at external fora.

Zimkitha Ngogodo

She is an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa who holds B.Iuris and LLB degrees as well as MDP. She has broad legal practice experience. She sits as a Legal Assessor for disciplinary hearings at Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She is also in the Master of the High Court panel of Liquidators, Western Cape and North Gauteng.

Sivuyisiwe Ndlondlwana

Ms Ndlondlwana is an admitted attorney and Notary Public of the High Court of South Africa. She holds a B Proc and LLB degrees. She is also a SETA accredited Assessor and Moderator. Her fields of practice are corporate law, contracts, corporate governance, alternative dispute resolution and due diligence investigations.

Craig Matthews

Mr Matthews is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa who holds BA (Law) and LLB degrees from the University of the Western Cape. His areas of specialisation include contracts, due diligence investigations, corporate governance and corporate & statutory compliance in the public sector.

Mavis Xihlamariso Mhlanga

Ms Mavis Mhlanga holds B A and B Admin (Hons) degrees from the University of Pretoria. Ms Mhlanga is a transport policy and implementation specialist. She has managed and co-ordinated major transport projects in the Gauteng Province since year 2000. She has also made valuable contributions to numerous national transport projects including but not limited to South Africa transport preparations for FIFA World Cup 2010, Public Transport for World Summit (2000-2001), being a member of the steering committee for Open Road Tolling (popularly known as e-Tolls).

Yolisa Mabece

Ms Yolisa Mabece BA (SW) (Honours) – UWC, is a highly experienced registered social worker and manager. She has worked in various environments requiring a dedicated social worker. She has spent many of her years as a social worker servicing people living with disabilities. She has gone to an extent of being provincial director and national executive committee member of a national organisation whilst frequently representing the national organisation at key relevant institutions including in government. She holds diverse formal academic qualifications that assist her to be very handy in more than just social work environment. Her skills include communicating in sign language.

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